Panawagan para sa lathalaing Sa Gitna ng Mata ng Bagyo

May 24, 2024
Sa post sa kanyang Facebook account kamakailan, inisa-isa ni Rommel B. Rodriguez, PhD, isang propesor sa UP Diliman Departamento ng Filipino at Panitikan ng Pilipinas, ang mga naging paglabag ng iba鈥檛 ibang ahensiya ng gobyerno sa mga karapatang-pantao ng mga Pilipino. Poster ng panawagan. Imahe mula sa Facebook account ni Rodriguez Dahil dito, kaniyang inaanyayahan ang lahat ng manunulat na magsumite ng mga malikhaing akda hinggil sa iba鈥檛 ibang danas tungkol sa karapatang pantao sa Pilipinas. Ito ay upang maisama ang mga mapipiling akda sa lathalaing Sa Gitna ng Mata ng Bagyo: Antolohiya ng mga Akda para sa Karapatang Pantao. Ayon sa Facebook post ni Rodriguez, ang mga akda ay maaaring ipadala sa akdakarapatangpantao@gmail.com hanggang Setyembre 21. Ang mga ito ay dapat nasa Word file. Bukod dito, 鈥渂awat manunulat ay maaaring magpasa ng isang maikling kuwento (hindi lalagpas sa 15 pahina, doble espasyo), dalawa hanggang tatlong tula, at isang sanaysay (hindi lalagpas sa 15 pahina, doble espasyo); nakasulat sa wikang Filipino o iba pang wika sa bansa, hiling lamang na lakipan ng salin sa Filipino; at magsama ng hiwalay na tatlo hanggang limang maikling bionote.鈥 Dagdag ng nasabing post, 鈥渕aaaring magtuon ang kontribyutor sa mga sumusunod na paksa hinggil sa karapatang pantao subalit hindi limitado sa: Karapatang pang-ekonomiko, karapatan sa paggawa, karapatan sa disenteng pabahay, karapatang pampulitika, karapatan sa pulitikal na paninindigan, karapatan sa malayang pagpapahayag, karapatang panlipunan, karapatang pangkasarian, karapatan sa edukasyon, karapatang pangkultura, karapatan ng mga katutubo at katutubong kultura, at karapatan sa lupang ninuno.鈥

UPMFT is champion!

May 20, 2024
The UP Men麻豆视频 Football Team (UPMFT) won the University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP) Season 86 men麻豆视频 football tournament championship. The team defeated Far Eastern University (FEU), 1-0, in their final match on May 16 at the Rizal Memorial Stadium. The UPMFT. Photo from the UAAP Media Team The last time the UPMFT won the championship of the UAAP men麻豆视频 football tournament was in Season 80 (2017-2018). The UPMFT controlled the game麻豆视频 tempo in the first half with their aggressive offense. The break came in the 50th minute of the game when Andre Yu of the FEU fouled UPMFT麻豆视频 Francis Tacardon inside the penalty box. Team Captain Marc Tobias of the UPMFT then blasted the FEU麻豆视频 goal with his spot-kick. This produced the game麻豆视频 lone score. The FEU then stepped up their offense especially in the dying minutes of the game and had several chances to equalize the score. The UPMFT麻豆视频 defense, however, was rock solid as they stood their ground until the final whistle was blown to secure their win. This is the Diliman-based booters鈥 19th championship title. (From left) Orlan Togores, Tobias, and Florenz Tacardon. Photo from the UAAP Media Team Three members of the UPMFT received individual awards. Tacardon was named Most Valuable Player and Best Striker, Tobias was recognized as Best Midfielder, and Ramil Bation III won the Rookie of the Year and Golden Boot awards. Meanwhile, family, friends, and supporters of the UPMFT held a bonfire celebration on May 18 at the UP Baseball Field for the team麻豆视频 triumph and the UP Women麻豆视频 Football Team麻豆视频 (UPWFT) third place finish in this UAAP season. Two members of the UPWFT also earned individual awards. Coline Acelo and Jennifer Baroin were named Best Goalkeeper and Best Defender, respectively. The bonfire celebration. Photo from Kristel Mae Parungao


Moving toward a socially sustainable Philippines

March 26, 2024
The Philippines needs to strengthen its existing support programs, such as those for indigenous people (IP), women, and climate change resilience, to step closer to social sustainability, according to Louise Cord, PhD. Cord is the World Bank global director for social sustainability and inclusion in the World Bank麻豆视频 sustainable development practice. Cord said social sustainability occurs 鈥渨hen communities and societies are able to work together to deal with common challenges such as flooding, droughts, poor quality education, a poorly stocked health center in a way that all people thrive over time and in a way that people consider to be fair and just.鈥 Cord. Photo by Jefferson Villacruz, UPDIO She said some of the Philippines鈥 economic indicators in the past few years are strong, such as a drop in inequality and strong poverty reduction metrics. To move towards social sustainability in the Philippines, Cord proposed actions in the areas of women empowerment, digital services, and programs for IP. Cord made a case of social sustainability particularly for the country麻豆视频 IP communities. She said the IP’s remote ancestral lands contain many 鈥渋mportant minerals whose value will grow.鈥 She proposed developing a digital portal to centralize data such as the locations of ancestral lands and the services available to IP. Cord also proposed creating integrated packages for remote communities that provide 鈥渁ccess to digital resources, access to transport, access to local infrastructure.鈥 She added that access to digital services could improve the role of women and other marginalized groups by enabling and expanding their access to markets. Cord said digital services would also enable women and marginalized groups to 鈥渢alk with one another across communities and to learn from one another. And to track funds to build accountability at the local level using a cellphone to be able to have an app to track funds.鈥 The World Bank official cited the work of the National Commission on Indigenous People麻豆视频 (NCIP), which she said could be bolstered by giving them more resources to go out to the IP communities. 鈥 so happy that an institution like the NCIP provides that support. What I would like to see is that they won’t have to come all the way to Manila to make their claim. That there are easier access to systems, to have a voice at the local level and have themselves be heard,鈥 Cord said. While a lot is being done to build climate change resilience in communities, Cord said there needs to be more initiatives, particularly in infrastructure and service delivery. 鈥淎ll of this is absolutely key, but we also need resilient communities, because…

Dealing with cybersecurity and AI

April 29, 2024
鈥淚f technology is a very potent force in our world, then it makes sense to harness technology itself to solve the problems that it creates.鈥 UP Diliman (UPD) Chancellor Edgardo Carlo L. Vistan II emphasized this point in his keynote address at the forum Securing the Future: Forum on Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Vistan. Photo by Jefferson Villacruz, UPDIO The forum was organized by the Center for Policy and Executive Development (CPED) of the UPD National College of Public Administration and Governance (NCPAG), in partnership with the Congressional Planning, Research, and Budget Department, the UPD College of Engineering Computer Vision and Machine Intelligence Group, and the Global Forum on Cyber Expertise. According to a CPED post on its Facebook page, 鈥渢he forum aims to foster strategic partnerships in advancing cybersecurity and AI policies bringing together experts from national and international institutions.鈥 Vistan opened his keynote with an overview of his experiences in conducting research in law and technology, particularly cybersecurity and international law. Vistan shared that as a faculty member of the UP College of Law, a large part of his research focuses on 鈥渃ybersecurity and 鈥榗yber鈥 in general and their intersections with policy and other interventions.鈥 He said, 鈥淭he attempt to control or regulate the profound and wide-reaching technological changes such as the 鈥榗yber,鈥 biotechnology, and artificial intelligence (AI) by social institutions, political institutions, governments, and the law, will not always work.鈥 Vistan explained about cultural lag and mentioned William F. Ogburn, the 20th century sociology professor who coined the term. 鈥淲hat that believes, are initiated by technological changes,鈥 he said. Vistan pointed out that milestones in technological changes or advancements, such as the creation of the steam engine, creation of the first computer, the internet, and now the AI, trigger responses from other sectors of society. People in authority always think of ways to address the anticipated problems that these new technologies bring. 鈥淭hose milestones in technological change or advancement, they trigger responses from other aspects of society, and one major response is through law, through policy,鈥 Vistan said. According to Vistan, most of the responses always lag behind. He, however, pointed out that late responses are natural. Vistan delivering his keynote address before the attendees. Photo by Jefferson Villacruz, UPDIO 鈥淭hat is always the case historically. We don鈥檛 have to be worried about that. The key here is to respond…